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Easy Access to Safety Plans and Risk Management Resources.

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Easy Access to Safety Plans and Risk Management Resources.

Find out about the latest business bundle offers currently available.

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Safety and Risk Management Resources.

Find everything from Workplace Plans for Safety and Risk Management, Demolition, Asbestos Management and more with additional resources being added to the store continually.

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What our clients are saying.

Access to resources

After working for larger companies that take their safety seriously, Bluesafe’s documentation was on par with these companies. You’ve given us the ability to access the same sort of resources that only bigger companies have access to.

Warren Kingsley
Alstain Sheetmetal


Great experience

I was very impressed with both the service and the turnaround time in dealing with Bluesafe. I was up and running with minimal fuss.

Dr Doug Josephides
Bayside Natural Medicine


Secured government tender

You guys added real value with the required documentation that was high quality, affordable, very well put together and easy to implement. By the way, we secured our government tender for another seven years.

Rodney Prendergast
MMLA Group


We passed our audit

Getting through an audit can be a daunting experience. Bluesafe’s documentation made the experience so much easier than we had anticipated and we passed the audit without any issues whatsoever. Thanks again, highly appreciated.

Brock Richards
Richards Quality Projects


Highly recommended

Thanks so much for the quick response! Not only are the documents comprehensive, but on the same morning my audit was due I received the support I needed within the hour. Highly recommended!

Kathie Gorman
Kaygee Home and Community Support


Great customer experience

From the initial contact we’ve had with Bluesafe we’ve found that your customer service, product quality and the after sales support to have been nothing short of excellent. You’ve given us a great customer experience.

Glenn King
Turnco Office Furniture


A heartfelt thanks

I just want to say a heartfelt thanks to the team at Bluesafe. Thank you so much for your service, help and support… We passed our NDIS audit!

Dr Scott Ling
Sustain Health


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