Resources to assist PCBUs understand the engineered stone ban

In light of the recent launch of the Engineered Stone Prohibition: Guidance for PCBUs, Safe Work Australia has made available supplementary materials to assist individuals running a business or operation (PCBUs). The aim is to provide clarity on what the prohibition entails and its impact now that it has taken effect. These tools bring attention to significant segments, definitions and procedures from the guidelines, emphasising the critical role of work safety products such as the Bluesafe WHS Management System and SWMS.

To access these new resources and for further details about the ban, visit the engineered stone prohibition page on the Safe Work Australia website. Apart from rich information the site also provides a FAQs section and an overview of jurisdictional transition arrangements.

Being up-to-date in matters of workplace health and safety is paramount, in this regard, subscribing to our mailing list is recommended. Choose the ‘occupational lung diseases’ option to receive updates on engineered stone. It’s worth noting implementing safety measures like a robust Bluesafe SWMS can only enhance your compliance with the new rules.

We appreciate your concerted efforts towards ensuring a safe working environment as guided by relevant policies, systems and SWMS. As always, implementing work safety products not only guarantees adherence to safety regulations but also fosters a thriving and conducive work atmosphere.

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