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Arbour Press Safe Work Method Statement


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Arbour Press Safe Work Method Statement

Introducing the Arbour Press Safe Work Method Statement – helping to provide safety within your workplace. Here are a few details regarding the SWMS features:

  1. Pre-filled and Thorough: Our SWMS is pre-filled with thorough information to guide you through each phase of the process, so you can commence promptly.
  2. Fully Editable and Customisable: Our SWMS is entirely editable and customisable in Microsoft Word layout, making it effortless to adapt to your particular project requirements.
  3. Extent and Project Particulars: Our SWMS encompasses the scope of your project and all the indispensable details to ensure everyone is cognisant of the project limits.
  4. Checklist of High-Risk Equipment: Our SWMS encompasses a checklist of any high-risk equipment on site, so you can take the requisite precautions and ensure everyone is informed of the dangers.
  5. Space for Documenting Personnel Training: Our SWMS includes space for documenting any personnel training to ensure that everyone on site is familiar with the necessary safety procedures.
  6. Prior and Post Risk Evaluations: Our SWMS includes prior and post risk evaluations so you can monitor the efficacy of your safety procedures.
  7. Resources for Legal Citations: Our SWMS includes resources for the use of legal citations, so you can ensure that your project conforms to all pertinent regulations.
  8. Personal Protective Equipment Requirements: Our SWMS includes all necessary PPE requirements, so everyone on site is informed of what they need to wear to stay secure.
  9. Risk Evaluation and Risk Assessment Matrix: Our SWMS encompasses a risk evaluation and risk assessment matrix, so you can identify possible hazards and take the requisite precautions to avert accidents.
  10. Checklist for SWMS Implementation: Our SWMS includes a checklist to ensure that all requisites have been addressed when executing the SWMS, so you can have confidence that nothing has been overlooked.
  11. Sign-Off Page: Our SWMS includes a sign-off page for all labourers and responsible individuals, so everyone is familiar with their responsibilities and has agreed to adhere to the safety procedures outlined in the SWMS.
  12. Easy to Use and Customise: Our SWMS is straightforward to use and customise, making it the ideal tool for any construction project.
  13. Suitable for Major Contracts and Proposals: Our SWMS is appropriate for substantial contracts and proposals, including tier 1 contractual work, so you can have confidence that your project complies with all necessary regulations.
  14. Prompt Download Delivery: Our SWMS is readily available for prompt download, so you can get started right away and ensure that your project is secure and compliant from day one.

Here is some safety information related to using arbour press.

  1. Hazard Identification:
  • Crushing and pinching hazards due to the moving parts of the arbor press
  • Flying debris hazards due to the ejected metal fragments
  • Electrical hazards due to the use of electrical power to operate the press
  1. Risk Assessment:
  • Crushing and pinching hazards can result in serious injuries such as fractures, cuts, and bruises. The risk level is high.
  • Flying debris hazards can result in serious injuries such as eye injuries, cuts, and bruises. The risk level is moderate.
  • Electrical hazards can result in electric shocks and burns. The risk level is moderate.
  1. Control Measures:
  • Before using the arbour press, ensure that all guards and safety devices are in place and functioning properly.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection.
  • Only authorised personnel should operate the press after receiving proper training and instruction.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the arbour press to ensure it is in good working condition.
  • Use appropriate work holding fixtures and tools to prevent the workpiece from being ejected during the pressing operation.
  1. Procedure:
  • Ensure that the arbour press is properly secured to a stable work surface before use.
  • Inspect the press to ensure that all guards and safety devices are in place and functioning properly.
  • Check the electrical power supply and ensure that it is compatible with the arbour press.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection.
  • Position the workpiece securely in the work holding fixture.
  • Lower the ram of the arbour press onto the workpiece using the hand-operated lever.
  • Release the lever to raise the ram and remove the finished workpiece.
  • Inspect the finished workpiece for quality and defects.
  • Repeat the pressing operation as required.
  1. Emergency Procedures:
  • In case of an emergency, immediately stop the press by releasing the lever and turning off the power supply.
  • Provide first aid and seek medical attention for any injuries sustained.
  • Report the incident to the supervisor and complete an incident report.

Gary’s Safety Tips

Hey everyone, it’s great to be here today to talk about something that’s really important: safety procedures and working safely with an arbor press.

First things first, let me tell you this – safety should always be your number one priority. It doesn’t matter how fast you can work or how efficient you are if you’re not working safely. Your health and well-being are priceless, and you should do everything you can to protect them.

So, when it comes to using an arbor press, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you’re working safely. Let’s go through them one by one.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you’re wearing the right protective gear. This includes safety glasses, ear protection, and gloves. The arbor press can be a powerful tool, and you don’t want to risk any injuries to your eyes, ears, or hands. Always wear the proper protective gear when working with an arbor press.

Next, you need to make sure that the press is securely anchored to a stable work surface. This will help prevent it from tipping over or moving around while you’re using it. It’s also important to make sure that the work surface is clean and free from any debris or obstructions.

Now, let’s talk about the arbor press itself. Make sure you know how to operate the press properly. Read the manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This will help ensure that you’re using the press correctly and that you’re not putting yourself or others at risk.

When using the arbor press, always keep your fingers and other body parts clear of the moving parts. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and accidentally put your fingers in harm’s way. Be mindful of where your hands are at all times and avoid any unnecessary risks.

Another important safety consideration is the use of the correct tooling. Make sure you’re using the right size and type of tooling for the job at hand. Using the wrong tooling can cause the press to malfunction or break, leading to potential injuries.

If you’re working with a team, it’s essential to communicate effectively. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the safety procedures. You should also have a designated safety officer who is responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are being followed.

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you’re working in a well-lit and ventilated area. If you’re working with hazardous materials, make sure you’re following proper handling procedures. And, of course, if you’re feeling tired or unwell, take a break and come back to the task when you’re feeling better.

In conclusion, safety procedures and working safely with an arbor press are essential to your well-being. Always wear the proper protective gear, anchor the press securely, operate it correctly, keep your body parts clear of the moving parts, use the correct tooling, communicate effectively with your team, and be aware of your surroundings. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you’re working safely and that you’re not putting yourself or others at risk.

Remember, your safety is your responsibility, and it’s up to you to make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Don’t take unnecessary risks and always work safely. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you in the next video!


Arbour Press Safe Work Method Statement

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