Ban on engineered stone in effect (1 July 2024)

In the wake of a national prohibition on engineered stone agreed upon in December 2023, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) reaffirms that the ban is officially implemented as of July 1, 2024. This integral decision underscores the crucial role WHS management systems, SWMS, and policies play in enhancing work safety in Australia.

This ban implies a halt on all manufacturing, supply, processing, and installation activities involving engineered stone, including benchtops, panels and slabs, irrespective of any contracts signed before the effect of said ban. Such a directive reflects the indispensability of robust tools like the Bluesafe WHS Management System for maintaining work safety standards.

Anchored to its unwavering commitment to safeguard workers, the Queensland Government has determined the persisting hazards related to engineered stone as untenable, thereby eschewing a phasing-in period for imposing the prohibition.

However, dealing with legacy products installed before July 1, 2024 receives an allowance, subject to specifications dictated by a national framework under piloted work health and safety regulations.

The call for this ban emerged in Queensland back in 2018, triggered by a noticeable increase in the incidence of health issues amongst workers, inclusive of silicosis, attributable to the usage of engineered stone. Thene ever-growing necessity of implementing measures like adopting the Bluesafe SWMS system was further emphasized due to these developments.

Seguing Into Further Information: Queensland’s Approach to Engineered Stone

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